Webinars and Case Studies for Brokers

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Webinars for Brokers

AllyHealth Webinar

How To Get More Appointments with Decision Makers When You’re Trying to Unseat the Incumbent Broker.

What’s covered:

  • How to gain a competitive edge when selling major medical and supplemental in a crowded market
  • The one thing the C-Suite is looking for from brokers and rarely get
  • The secret to being seen as a hero to your clients (position yourself this way and you’ll get more referrals, which means more commissions)
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Mental Health and Employer Impacts

Winning More Business by Providing an Innovative Behavioral Health Solution Your Clients Actually Need

We’ll be discussing:

  • The 7 Barriers to Behavioral Health (your client’s employees need you to remove these)
  • Why employees are unable to get relief from carrier-embedded behavioral health programs
  • How to position behavioral health as a differentiator, winning you more appointments and sales
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Case Studies

Case Study:

Learn how Suit-Kote took control by bending the healthcare cost curve.

Case Study:

Learn how Princeton Management used telemedicine to help with recruiting and retention.