AllyHealth Member Offerings: Prescription Drug Savings

AllyHealth: Prescription Discounts

As part of our Discount Medical Plans, all AllyHealth members receive access to prescription discounts through AllyHealth’s Prescription Discount Card Wrap Program.

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The Discount Card Wrap Program adds an additional dimension to a plan sponsor’s pharmacy benefits and offers several advantages when bundled with a defined pharmacy benefit program. The “wrap” fills two needs for plan sponsors. First, it gives plan sponsors the ability to provide individuals who do not participate in their defined pharmacy benefit with significant savings off of the retail cost of prescription medications and second, it serves as a “secondary benefit” for participating members by offering those same discounts across a variety of situations including fills during the deductible phase of coverage, fills of non-covered drugs and a temporary loss of benefits.

Examples of how AllyHealth clients can use the discount card wrap to meet their cost and coverage goals include:

  • Organizations that have a probationary or waiting period before employees become eligible for benefits may offer the discount card to employees so they can obtain medications at a reduced cost.
  • Some organizations may implement a more restrictive formulary that limits pharmacy coverage to a narrow list of medications. Using the discount card, plan members can receive a significant discount on medications that are excluded from coverage.
  • For members in High-deductible Health Plans, the discount card reduces the cost burden of prescriptions filled during the deductible phase, prior to entering full coverage.
  • With part time or seasonal employees, as benefit eligibility fluctuates from month to month, the discount card becomes a valuable tool to keep membership aligned and participating in a drug benefit program.

Members save anywhere from 10% to 85% versus the cash price (depending on the drug) on most short-term, acute care prescriptions with the local pharmacy program. Long-term prescriptions may be purchased at the local pharmacy.

Look up Pricing by Drug Name & Zip Code with the Prescription Discount Card Wrap Program

It’s simple to use. The member simply shows the membership card and prescription to the pharmacist. The pharmacist calculates the discount and the member pays the lower price. No other forms required.

Highlights of the Prescription Discount Card  Wrap Program

  • 10% to 85% prescription discounts versus cash price on most short-term and acute care medications.
  • Use the Online Drug Price Check Utility to find the price of prescriptions at participating locations by zip code.
  • Over 65,000 participating pharmacy locations, including independent, national and regional chain pharmacies nationwide.


Pharmacy discounts are Not Insurance, and are Not Intended as a Substitute for Insurance. The discount is only available at participating pharmacies.