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We're more than a telemedicine company - we are your ally. Let us help you improve health and wellness for your members, increase productivity, decrease healthcare costs, and enhance your benefits plan with our industry leading engagement and utilization.

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AllyHealth's comprehensive virtual care program is available as an employee benefit for our clients and partners around the nation, including:

Your Ally in Health and Savings

We care about the success of our clients and partners

Our combination of high-tech and high-touch benefits go beyond our members' health and wellbeing to deliver superior utilization for our clients.


How We're Different

AllyHealth provides the most comprehensive virtual care platform in the industry. There really is no comparison!

AllyHealth Benefits Compared
Telemedicine Advocacy AllyHealth
24/7 Access to Doctors
Healthcare Concierge
Mental Health Therapists
Virtual Access to Specialists
Virtual 2nd Opinions
Virtual Wellness Coaching
Cost Savings & Transparency Tools
Medical Bill Negotiation Service
Comprehensive Engagement Program
Industry-Leading Utilization
Guaranteed Results

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AllyHealth will help your employees feel better, faster, by giving them access to the right care professionals on their schedule and on their terms. Request a proposal, or speak with one of our team members today.