• Our health care system is broken in many ways, but telemedicine is a game-changer. My employees love it and it saves our business significantly in terms of both direct health costs and employee productivity.”
  • -David Schwartz- Cherry Hill, NJ
  • I registered for the telemedicine program as soon as I got my AllyHealth enrollment kit.  It was pretty easy to register and fill out my family’s medical history online.  The next month my daughter got sick with what we feared might be an ear infection. I called the MD Live telemedicine service and I was called back within a few minutes by the nicest doctor who went through a series of questions with me and my daughter via video on the computer.  He diagnosed the ear infection and quickly called in a prescription to our local pharmacy. I was able to pick up the Rx within a few hours, and we never had to make the costly and inconvenient trip to the doctor’s office! Very easy to use, this program is completely worth it for me just for this one service.  Thanks.”
  • – Tina – Dallas, TX
  • I recently used the negotiated Prescription Discounts this plan provides and was amazed by the savings. I have health insurance and for years I’ve just assumed that using my insurance to pay for my prescription was my only option. I didn’t even know there were discount networks like this. I saved $24 on a prescription that I fill EVERY MONTH! Wow.”
  • -Ellen E. – Albany, NY
  • My company doesn’t include Dental Insurance in my provided benefits, so I usually pay out-of-pocket for my dental needs. Recently, my tooth has been really hurting me and I stopped in to the dentist to get it looked at. Unfortunately, I needed major work and the bill was estimated to cost me $1,200, but since I didn’t have dental insurance they agreed to offer me a cash-payer discount and “only” charge $1,000. I then remembered my husband had just signed us up for AllyHealth’s Discount Medical Card, but I wasn’t really familiar with it and so I was a little unsure about trying to use it. I showed the receptionist my AllyHealth card however and asked her to tell me how much my dental work would be if I used this card. Surprisingly, she said that with the AllyHealth card the total cost for the visit would be only $780! I saved $220 versus the “cash-payer discount” and $420 versus the listed price. I was so excited! We pay $20/month for our AllyHealth Discount Medical Card, and we’ve already saved hundreds. I can’t wait to try the doctors-by-phone service next.”
  • Ashley – Philadelphia, PA