Reduce Employee Sick Days and Increase Productivity with Telehealth

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When the weather gets cooler, cold and flu season heats up resulting in more illnesses throughout the country. The U.S. economy spends an estimated $84 billion on sick days annually, yet nearly 90 percent of employees still go to work when they’re sick. While a doctor visit can be inconvenient and costly, the decision to go… [Read More…]

AllyHealth Announces New MDLIVE Telecare Partnership

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Thanks to a new partnership, people seeking help for health care issues now can have an easier time making treatment decisions—and can reach medical professionals immediately as a result of a new AllyHealth and MDLIVE telecare partnership. AllyHealth, a leader in supplement health benefit plans for employers and other groups, is partnering with MDLIVE, Inc., which… [Read More…]

Telecare will Change our Health System Forever

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One of the primary goals of the Affordable Care Act is to achieve the greatest value from the health care resources invested into the system while making lasting improvements in patient outcomes, wellness, and overall health. Telecare can potentially make a valuable difference in achieving this goal, yet widespread adoption is greatly hindered by both… [Read More…]