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Businesses Scramble to Comply with Employer Mandate

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Anyone who has put off Christmas shopping until Dec. 24 understands that things can get a little hectic at the last minute. Human resources professionals who took a breather when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate was delayed likely feel the same way. For many companies, time is of the essence. Employers have… [Read More…]

Affordable Care Act 101: A Small Business Guide

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Things are changing dramatically in the way you and your business purchase health insurance. Open enrollment for federal subsidies started on October 1 and the first plans of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became effective January 1, 2014. There are many elements to the law that small business owners should know and understand,… [Read More…]

Cost Reduction and Productivity Benefits of Telemedicine for Businesses

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You’re probably familiar with Telemedicine, the use of electronic communication to exchange medical information either from patient to physician or between doctors. But did you know Telemedicine is helping to solve healthcare access problems and drive down the cost of care?  Telemedicine is capturing a lot of attention from employers recently, and with good reason… [Read More…]

The Value of Telemedicine for Employee Health Benefits

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Darren Stanton’s work as a design engineer for a Mississippi-based mechanical engineering firm takes him from his home in Tuscaloosa to jobs all over the Southeastern United States. One Saturday in early April, Stanton was preparing to go to an undeveloped job site in northern Kentucky, where he would spend two weeks away from civilization.Then he… [Read More…]