Online Mental Health Counseling During COVID-19

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As of today, more than 90% of the American population is under a stay at home order. The economy has taken a serious downturn, millions of people are laid off or furloughed. Many have lost their jobs all together. Some are trying to continue their work from home in an environment of confined kids and fear of getting sick, and there is still a very large uncertainty of how long this will all last.

The result of all of this can be significant mental stress, and we’ve had many of our clients, brokers, TPAs and other partners express interest recently in adding a virtual behavioral health solution to help aid their employees and their families during this time of crisis when brick and mortar mental health / talk therapy provider locations remain closed.

Because you might think of AllyHealth primarily for traditional telemedicine, you may not realize that we also offer mental health counseling via our telemedicine platform. We have over 1,000 Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Psychologists that can conduct mental health counseling sessions via phone or secure video. These services can be paired with our basic Telemedicine offering, or purchased as a stand-alone service.

If you’d like to learn more or evaluate this for any of your clients, please reply back and I would be happy to help.

As a reminder, due to increased demand from the COVID-19 crisis, we are now supporting the following:

  1. Immediate (24 hour) enrollment of new groups (off-cycle, no wait times) **This applies to telemedicine and/or Mental Health Counseling**.
  2. Enrollment of employees who aren’t otherwise covered (part-time workers, employees not on the health plan, etc.)
  3. And now, thanks to the recently passed CARES Act, we can pair $0 co-pay telemedicine with HSA plans

We are here to support you and your clients. Stay safe and healthy and let us know what we can do to help. Thank you.

Healthy Regards,

Michael Gough
Vice President of Sales


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