Save on Dental Costs without Dental Insurance

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Dental Discount PlansAllyHealth’s Dental Savings Plan is a discount program that helps employees, retirees and their families save on dental care and other health-related services with one low monthly fee. They just need to show their discount card at the time of service and pay the discounted fee.

When participants book an appointment with a participating provider, they will receive a discount that can range from 20% to 60% off basic work or major restoration with some plans, and 15% to 50% off routine procedures, such as a regularly-scheduled cleaning. Many plans eliminate paperwork submissions to an insurer for reimbursement.

“Dentists really like these plans, too, because when someone uses a discount dental plan for service, they get paid immediately,” says Reinke. “There’s no extra paperwork for them to go through.”

Discount dental plans can cover periodontal and orthodontic procedures. “If you or your children require braces, you can save 15% to 50% on orthodontia procedures,” claims Reinke. “This makes discount dental plans extremely beneficial as a supplement for those whose traditional plans don’t cover braces, and a lot of families use these plans for orthodontic work.”

AllyHealth is passionate about expanding access to oral health care. Our Dental Savings Plan offers access to the nation’s largest dentist networks, delivering the best value for your employee benefits dollar. To learn more about AllyHealth’s Dental Savings Plan, and determine which employee dental benefits plan works best for your organization, give us a call today.


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