How Telehealth Makes Healthcare More Efficient

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Physician shortages, inconvenient appointments, and long travel times are contributing to a system where patients may not be making the most efficient choices for their healthcare needs. The traditional healthcare system assumes the average patient has ample access and transportation to a Primary Care Physician, Emergency Care, and Urgent Care. But the reality is that… [Read More…]

Telemedicine and the Fight Against Rising Healthcare Costs

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Rising healthcare costs leave many employers and employees struggling to find quality healthcare for an affordable price.  As the open enrollment period heats up, healthcare costs are front and center in the minds of employers and employees alike. Premiums, co-pays, and deductibles are all increasing for many. The problem: Rising healthcare costs Rising healthcare costs are… [Read More…]

Telemedicine is the Perfect Benefit for Open Enrollment

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During the annual open enrollment period, businesses are looking at what new health plan will be offered to their employees for 2017.  Now is when decisions are being made about changes in healthcare plan offerings.  This is the time to discuss telemedicine.  Employers look to their insurance professionals for expert advice during this time.  Telemedicine… [Read More…]

AllyHealth Special Report: The Benefits of Telemedicine for SMBs

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As we wrap up the summer season, most Small and Medium size Businesses (SMBs) are starting to look toward the fall and open enrollment periods.  Now is when decisions are starting to be made about changes in healthcare plan offerings.  This is the time to discuss benefits of telemedicine for SMBs.  Talking to your SMB… [Read More…]

How are companies Driving Telemedicine Utilization

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Technological advances over the last few decades have given way to a significant rise in the use of telemedicine services.  Video conferencing and smart phones allow more people access to healthcare anywhere, anytime.  Driving telemedicine utilization is what will result is maximum ROI for employers. Telemedicine is a valuable service that can save patients and… [Read More…]

Telemedicine: The Perfect Benefit for SMBs

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Today more than ever, employee benefits are an important tool for small and medium-sized businesses (“SMBs”) to attract and retain quality employees, and the right benefits mix can be a game-changer in today’s competitive employment market.  Employees want “fortune 500 benefits” that are easy to use, keep them (and their families) happy and healthy, and… [Read More…]

How Telemedicine Made a Difference

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Facing ever shrinking budgets and an increasing number of students each year, our schools are struggling to find ways to cut costs. More school districts are turning to self-funded health plans to save money. Unfortunately this still leaves the problem of high emergency room utilization impacting the school districts’ claims data and resulting in continually… [Read More…]

Let’s Talk About Telemedicine for Schools…

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Let’s look at telemedicine for schools as a solution for the increasing burden on budgets due to rising healthcare costs…. Our schools are facing a constant struggle to stretch their already thin budgets farther each year. The economic recession of 2007 caused the federal government to cut or cutback on funding for many programs and services. One casualty… [Read More…]

2 Ways to Maximize Value in a Self-Funded Medical Plan

posted on by By Bruce F. Barr Published April 26 2016, 1:51pm EDT Much has been written about self-funding strategies for employers. Typically, these articles focus on fundamental elements such as understanding and selecting the best contract type, using tiered provider networks, developing and monitoring a well-thought-out and perpetual wellness strategy, as well as the unique flexibility… [Read More…]

How Telemedicine Can Help Schools in the Fight to Save Money on Healthcare

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With the arrival of summer comes the end of the school year.  Now is the time to discuss telemedicine.  Most schools are looking at their healthcare plan offerings for next year right now.  They will be starting to make these decisions in May, so talk to them now about how telemedicine can help schools save money… [Read More…]