AllyHealth’s Telemedicine Demand Surges vs. Pre-COVID-19 Levels

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PHILADELPHIA, April 7, 2020 — As one of the leading providers of telehealth services to small and medium employer groups in the country, AllyHealth is uniquely positioned to share trends in U.S. employee healthcare delivery habits.  And over the past two weeks, AllyHealth has seen a 150% increase in Virtual Urgent Care utilization vs. Pre-COVID-19 levels.

Utilization Trends - Telemedicine

AllyHealth believes this increase can be attributed to a combination of three main factors:

  • COVID-19 patients:  With the well-documented spread of COVID-19, AllyHealth has seen a significant increase in visits related to respiratory issues and flu-like symptoms, many of which have been identified as potential COVID-19 patients by our providers.
  • Increased Typical Visits:  With over 90% of the U.S. population under some form of stay-at-home order, and many brick-and-mortar provider locations currently closed, AllyHealth has seen a large increase in demand for our virtual urgent care and behavioral health services for typical everyday health issues.
  • Worried well:  AllyHealth has also seen a number of patients that we categorize as “worried well”, who may not have COVID-19, but are anxious and in need of a healthcare professional to help them understand what they are going through.

As demand has surged, AllyHealth’s provider network has risen to the challenge, credentialing hundreds of new providers across all 50 states, and improving technology workflows over the last two weeks, bringing wait times back within normal range for most of our patients across the country.

AllyHealth has also recently made adjustments to our enrollment policies to support the surge in demand from employers looking to add telehealth services for their members.  Specifically, AllyHealth is currently supporting the following:

  • Immediate (24 hour) enrollment of new groups (off-cycle, no wait times)
  • Enrollment of employees who aren’t otherwise covered (part-time workers, employees not on the health plan, etc.)
  • And now, thanks to the CARES Act, $0 co-pay telemedicine can be paired with HSA plans

“Progressive employers and benefits consultants around the country have shown that they truly care about their employees by stepping up and quickly delivering new telemedicine and behavioral health services to their teams in spite of the uncertain economic situation.“ said Ron Douglass, CEO at AllyHealth.

“We have been truly inspired by our customers, and we have been cutting red tape and working around the clock to support our partners and clients with quick enrollment turnaround times.  Demand has been universal across all states and industry sectors, with noticeable increases in demand from gig-economy companies, school districts, municipalities, manufacturing companies, healthcare companies, and even from sectors that have been largely shut down, including restaurants, hotels, and others.”

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AllyHealth is the leading provider of telehealth services to small and medium businesses in the United States. Our virtual urgent care and mental health service offerings are paired with white glove service to deliver significant utilization, value, and ROI to our clients.  Our services are mostly offered through employers to their employees, and typically in partnership with our network of thousands of benefits consultants, insurance brokers, and partners.


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