How Telehealth Makes Healthcare More Efficient

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Physician shortages, inconvenient appointments, and long travel times are contributing to a system where patients may not be making the most efficient choices for their healthcare needs.

The traditional healthcare system assumes the average patient has ample access and transportation to a Primary Care Physician, Emergency Care, and Urgent Care. But the reality is that there are barriers for many people that may force them to opt for a less convenient and more expensive option.

According to a Government Survey, 45% of people in the United States don’t have a primary care provider. That includes both people who have health insurance and those without it. That means that close to half of people looking to treat a non-emergency end up only being able to seek emergency treatment.

This not only leads to more expensive treatment for the patient, but also fills emergency rooms and urgent care waiting rooms with conditions that could be treated elsewhere.

With a system that is overflowing and people who are busier than ever, scheduling an appointment for a sick visit becomes nearly impossible without taking a PTO day.

Thankfully there are other options. This is why AllyHealth should be the first stop to all of your healthcare needs, granted it’s not an emergency. With AllyHealth’s telehealth service you’re able to be treated by a doctor in 9 minutes on average without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

Below you’ll find a cost comparison chart of the 9 of the most common conditions people visit the ER to have treated.

Cost Comparison Chart
Condition Emergency Room Urgent Care AllyHealth
Allergies $345 $97 $0
Acute Bronchitis $595 $127 $0
Earache $400 $110 $0
Sore Throat $525 $94 $0
Pink Eye $370 $102 $0
Sinusitis $617 $112 $0
Strep Throat $531 $111 $0
Upper Respiratory Infection $486 $111 $0
Urinary Tract Infection $665 $112 $0

70% of ER, Urgent Care, and primary care visits can be treated safely over the phone or online.

100% of the top conditions listed above that are frequently treated in the Emergency Room can be treated by an AllyHealth doctor over the phone or online.

Save yourself the trip and start saving hundreds of dollars by diverting your care visits away from the Emergency Room and Urgent Care and learn more about how you can get started with AllyHealth.

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