Let’s Talk About Launching Telemedicine Off-Cycle

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We are launching many new clients with 2/1 and 3/1 enrollment dates. Let’s take a closer look and see why launching “off-cycle” like this can be a tremendous strategy for success…

We’ve had a number of partners tell us lately that they have clients that are a “perfect fit” for our telemedicine service, but they just can’t bring it to them for six months (or nine months, or however long) because they “missed their window” and they need to coordinate the timing with open enrollment, or other benefits selling cycles.

I understand the importance of consistency and structure in managing a long term client relationship. And many times, these decisions are driven by the client. But let me be frank for a minute here: The client does not always know what is best for them. In fact, isn’t that what the client is paying us all for? To ensure that we counsel them to help them to craft the best overall total benefits solution for them?

When should you launch a telemedicine program?

At AllyHealth, our busiest month is always December, and we’re okay with that because we know that many clients operate according to a structured benefits calendar and we are here to accommodate that. But if I were asked when the ideal time to launch a telemedicine program with a new client would be, here’s what my answer would be: Q1 or Q2.


I know this sounds counter intuitive, because employees are thinking about their health benefits most during open enrollment, but as a platform that can potentially deliver a HUGE impact in ROI to an employer or health fund, I believe that the most impactful time for us to launch is “off cycle” at a time when employees are not being bombarded with emails, meetings, and messages about the other components of their total health package (like major medical, wellness, behavioral health, HR policies, etc.).

Launching in February, March, or April allows us to monopolize the attention of our new members and position ourselves for higher utilization and better ROIs for our clients. This also allows us to maximize the potential collaboration with the HR teams of our clients because they aren’t so busy with other updates and changes to their plans.

We’re here to help!

It may not be the easiest sell, but believe me, you are doing your clients a favor by encouraging them to think outside of the box like this. At AllyHealth, our sales team is here to help you with your proposals and presentations, so please feel free to lean on us (and me) to help you to craft your presentations on an off-cycle telemedicine rollout this year.


In Good Health,
Ron Douglass
CEO, AllyHealth


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