Telemedicine: The Perfect Benefit for SMBs

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benefit for SMBs

Today more than ever, employee benefits are an important tool for small and medium-sized businesses (“SMBs”) to attract and retain quality employees, and the right benefits mix can be a game-changer in today’s competitive employment market.  Employees want “fortune 500 benefits” that are easy to use, keep them (and their families) happy and healthy, and can save them time and money.  SMBs want to offer benefits that help them compete against larger companies for talent, and that maximize the value to their employees (and their company), while not breaking the bank. This makes telemedicine the perfect benefit for SMBs.

But finding the right mix of benefits that can appeal to today’s diverse labor force can be difficult and time consuming.  Take the below chart as an example:

benefit for SMBs

It’s no wonder employers and HR departments struggle to find the right benefits mix!  Our labor pool is as generationally diverse as it has ever been.  Ask a Millennial what benefits they want and you will typically find their response to be very different from that of their Boomer counterparts.

Telemedicine, which provides convenient access to physicians by phone, web, or mobile app, is uniquely positioned to appeal to employees of all generations…  

Consider the Millennial, always glued to their smart phones.  Providing them with an app that allows them to video chat with the doctor of their choice with a few clicks of their phone and saving them a trip to a germ-filled waiting room is right up their alley.  Gen-Xers, with their busy family lives, love the convenience of having access to pediatricians and family doctors to handle the inevitable ailments that come up over a busy weekend.  And Boomers appreciate the safety net of having 24/7/365 access by phone to speak with our physicians on their schedule. Anytime! Anywhere!

For the owner or HR manager of an SMB, the value of AllyHealth telemedicine is clear:

  • Win employees from your competitors with a better benefits package
  • Increase your employee retention
  • Reduce sickness and absenteeism
  • Improve the overall health, wellness, and productivity of your team
  • Lower your healthcare costs
  • Get all of these benefits, without adding any additional administrative burden!

And because AllyHealth is laser-focused on serving the SMB space, we understand the unique challenges that your SMB clients face every day.  Our company is built to maximize utilization for your clients, which means they will get the maximum value from our service.  But we are also built to minimize the administrative burden to our clients as well, which is extremely important to today’s overburdened SMB owner or HR manager.

In short, we think that telemedicine is the perfect benefit for SMB clients.  And with open enrollment around the corner, there is no better time than today to start the discussion about how telemedicine can fit into your SMB clients’ benefits portfolio.

Call us today to discuss your clients’ needs and we will be happy to help put together a customized proposal to show how AllyHealth telemedicine can help them, and their employees, save time, money, and frustration.

In Good Health,

telemedicine for SMBs



Ron Douglass

CEO, AllyHealth


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