AllyHealth Special Report: The Benefits of Telemedicine for SMBs

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telemedicine for SMBsAs we wrap up the summer season, most Small and Medium size Businesses (SMBs) are starting to look toward the fall and open enrollment periods.  Now is when decisions are starting to be made about changes in healthcare plan offerings.  This is the time to discuss benefits of telemedicine for SMBs.  Talking to your SMB clients now about telemedicine can help save them money and improve productivity, while providing a valuable benefit to their employees.

What are SMBs?

The definition of small and medium businesses can vary depending on industry. Typically an SMB is defined as a business that has less than 1000 employees.  The majority of businesses in the US are SMBs.  SMBs that have between 2 and 200 employees are struggling to compete with large companies that can pay higher wages and offer more extensive benefits to their employees.

Why Telemedicine for SMBs?

Today, health insurance is an important benefit for employers to be able to attract and retain quality employees.  With millennials entering the workforce this year there is going to be more pressure on SMBs to attract new talent, and benefits will be key.  Flexibility and value is important to potential new employees and healthcare is no exception.  When it comes to benefits employees want to get convenience, quality and value for a low cost. Telemedicine is the perfect fit for SMBs to help them increase productivity, recruit quality employees, and keep cost down.

Telemedicine for SMBs


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