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telecare with change our health systemBy now, as an average user of technology tools, you’re used to video chatting with family, scheduling restaurant or other kinds of appointments online, purchasing sports or concert tickets from your phone, and much more. Technology has dramatically broadened the scope of consumer expectations, communications and capabilities.

Healthcare is keeping pace on the consumer tech front via “telemedicine”, with health systems and providers across the country and around the globe rapidly adopting online appointment scheduling, video doctor consultations, and electronic health records. The move is changing the face of health care, making it more accessible, convenient and – ultimately – affordable.

Telemedicine Making Headlines

As a company on the forefront of the telemedicine revolution for consumers and businesses, AllyHealth tries to follow any good media coverage the industry sees and when we find some good ones, we like to pass them along! Below are links to a few really great recent articles highlighting the explosive growth of this exciting industry.

“Telemedicine Explodes”

Technically speaking, telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communication to improve a patient’s clinical health status, according to the American Telemedicine Association. The field is a growing one that includes two-way video, email, smart phones, wireless tools and other forms of telecommunications technology.

“Telemedicine is a Game-Changer for Patients, The System”

Telemedicine is broader, however, than simply a Skype-like doctor visit. For years, doctors have delivered different forms of care remotely, from the old-fashioned phone call to at-home monitors that measure someone’s blood pressure and beam the information to a clinic. Remember the house call? Think of telemedicine as the modern house call, reinvented.

As telemedicine’s widespread adoption and acceptance continues to accelerate, the documented use cases and studies of telemedicine providing real, meaningful value continue to proliferate. In the recent months, it’s starting to feel like every day another well-known publication promotes this growing, game-changing micro-industry within the overarching healthcare field. Telemedicine simply seems to be making new headlines every day.

“Employers Find Savings, Service from Telemedicine”

About AllyHealth, a Leading Telemedicine Services Provider for Business

AllyHealthAllyHealth is a small but quickly growing disruptive business focused on helping people afford and get better access to the medical services they need. AllyHealth’s plans include access to doctors and nurses by phone 24/7 to help avoid unnecessary doctors visits. The AllyHealth plans are meant to supplement the insurance benefits that most businesses, groups, and individuals already have.

At AllyHealth, our mission and vision for a better healthcare marketplace is very integral to what we do every day. To that end, our mission is to educate and empower the consumer by providing them access to as many choices as possible so that everyone, regardless of age, income, or employment status can enjoy and benefit from the quality healthcare that they need and deserve as citizens of the United States.

Want to learn more about telemedicine and how it can help your employees have a better healthcare experience, while also delivering cost savings to your business’s bottom line? Talk to the team at AllyHealth today!


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